Collaborating for good

Snagge Moore & Associates is an East of England consultancy established in 2016 by William Snagge and Anthony Moore. We offer a range of professional services to support organisations to listen, think, plan and deliver solutions that have engagement and co-production at their heart.

We are about supporting communities to thrive, now and in the future, by empowering organisations - through their stakeholders - to affect real change for the good of society as a whole. 

We want people to live full and rewarding lives.  We believe that healthy, happy, independent and connected communities are the solution to this. 

The complex and interconnected needs of people - and communities of people - are our central focus.  

With a wide range of partners and associates we work to promote better communities and better outcomes for communities, through a number of broad focuses: -

  • Promoting personal and community growth
  • Supporting different cultures and diverse groups of people to co-exist
  • Promoting economic activity, employment and neighbourhood renewal

Change happens around these focuses, when people get access to the following: -

  • Adequate resources and meaningful opportunity
  • Support and encouragement to thrive
  • Opportunities to develop self-respect, grow belief in ability and test change

We have a particular passion for the health and social care sector, with a wealth of experience of supporting projects related to strategic thinking, collaboration, co-production, disability, personalisation, lived experience and inclusion.

In addition to our local and national work within health and social care, we work across the wider third and public sector, with charities, social enterprises and others. 

We also work with the corporate sector, especially around the delivery of products and services that affect change in communities and for the good of all of society.

We are a Disability Confident Employer organisation.

What is the difference you are trying to make?

Whether you wish to review your strategy, refresh your organisational processes, develop a new product offering through co-production or gain valuable customer insights, we are here to help. Whatever the difference is you are trying to achieve, Snagge Moore & Associates has the expertise and experience to support you.