Strategic Review: Caris Islington

The task

Caris Islington is a registered charity, which runs two projects in Islington - a Bereavement Counselling Service for children and adults, and a cold weather night shelter for homeless people. The Trustees wished to undertake a high level strategic review of the charity as a whole in response to an award of a Big Lottery grant.

Our approach

This was an exciting opportunity to support the future thinking of a charity on a strategic level, and Snagge Moore & Associates undertook and reported to the Board on this full Organisational Review, further to extensive consultation with a wide range of stakeholders associated with the charity. The breadth of the report was understandably wide, however we were able to highlight key business planning and policy recommendations and identify areas of priority and areas of potential growth for the charity.

What difference did this make

The charity was able to meet their funding requirements for Big Lottery and the longer term benefits of undertaking an organisational review will be felt in the future across the services that Caris Islington deliver. The charity now has the knowledge and direction needed to provide sustainable services to their community in a cost-effective way.