Creating a new model: Collaborate Essex

The task

Working in partnership, Snagge Moore & Associates were asked to support design of a new model of working to ensure adults with experience of disability are heard, or have the opportunity to be heard, whenever or wherever Essex County Council carries out its work.

Our approach

This was a multi-agency effort, involving Essex County Council, Healthwatch Essex, Healthwatch Essex Insights and ourselves. The project included a three-month, two-phase listening process, gathering the voices of a wide range of people and supporting those people to be honest about what is working well and what could be improved. Snagge Moore & Associates acted as a trusted, independent third party to ensure transparency was paramount throughout the project. In phase two, we worked closely with the lead partner Healthwatch Essex Insights in the design, development and presentation of a new model. 

What difference did this make

Collaborate Essex is now established as a project that aims to help Essex County Council develop new ways of listening to, and collaborating with, people who experience disability in Essex.

‘The feedback that was captured as part of the project provides the Council and the oversight group with a strong foundation to develop a sustainable model of collaboration that we hope will not only be valued by those living with disability, but by the wider Essex citizenry.’

- Gavin Jones, Chief Executive, Essex County Council

Download the PDF of the final Collaborate Essex Model