Learning Disability Strategy Co-production:

My Life, My Ambition, My Future

The task

​Co-produce a plan, spanning five years, to enable a county-wide approach to supporting people who experience learning disability to lead full and equal lives.

The aim of this significant and complex project was effective and meaningful engagement with multiple stakeholders. At its core the project was about co-producing a future vision - and clear change priorities - directly with people who experience learning disability.

Other key stakeholders included family carers, health and social care professionals and many other members of the local community.

Our approach

Co-production and collaboration were central to our approach. We convened and co-chaired a Strategy Co-Production Group who met regularly throughout the life of the project to oversee and direct the process.

Working with lead contactor Careology Ltd., Snagge Moore & Associates and the Strategy Co-Production Group supported over 800 people, including more than 400 people with direct experience of living with a learning disability, to share their views and get involved. These insights and the wider decision-making contributions people made were synthesised with input from charities, community organisations, local businesses, local NHS organisations, the County Council, families, carers, schools, support groups, colleges and other public services such as the police, to produce the final product: My Life, My Ambition, My Future, a five year learning disability strategy for the county.

What difference did this make

The co-production throughout this project meant that the council leading this piece of work was able to develop a robust shared vison and plan for a community where people with a learning disability have both the ambition, choice and opportunity to be equal members of society this vision, to support its delivery.

The insights gathered by Snagge Moore & Associates also ensured that the council renewed and reinvigorated its commitment to person-centred working and co-production.