Direct Payment Support Services review:

Norfolk County Council

The task

Capture and present customer insights from people across Norfolk who use Direct Payment Support Services, in addition to presenting the views of those who may require these services in the future.

Our approach

Mapping the landscape of Direct Payment Support Services across the area, Snagge Moore & Associates identified each key stakeholder group that needed to be consulted. We hosted in-depth, county-wide workshops with target groups, captured online feedback via a survey and liaised with advocacy groups and service providers. This was presented to the Integrated Commissioning Team at Norfolk County Council in a report of key findings, which brought experiences to life and shared the insights gathered.

What difference did this make

Direct Payment Support Services are commissioned by Norfolk County Council to help individuals plan and manage Personal Budgets delivered as Direct Payments. Snagge Moore & Associates were able to capture and represent the voices of those across the county, including hard to reach and hear groups, who are affected or may be affected by this service, demonstrating what is currently working well and what may be improved upon in the future.

By conducting this consultation, the council considered the voice of service users as they reviewed this vital service. These views are now helping to inform a new approach to provision of the service.

Download the PDF of the final Norfolk Direct Payment Support Services Customer Consultation report