The task

To ensure the lived experience of people using wheelchair services and a wide range of other stakeholders, including commissioners and services providers, is effectively integrated into a framework and process for delivering new wheelchair-orientated Personal Health Budget services, across central Norfolk.

The overarching aim of the three NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups who instructed this NHS England funded piece of work is to transition the existing service to a joined-up approach to wheelchair provision, that effectively meets people’s needs, supports them to lead full and independent lives. The project also aims to set a precedent for joint and collaboratively working between key stakeholders, into the future. 

Our approach

To develop a Personal Health Budget based approach to wheelchair provision, Snagge Moore & Associates set out to engage a wide range of key stakeholders to gather market intelligence of the existing wheelchair services and understand the key barriers and enablers associated with the main project aims. A series of co-production workshops were held and a steering group representing all the key stakeholders was established to provide guidance and critical challenge to the project. 

What difference did this make

By ensuring key stakeholders co-produced the approach we are now implementing, especially people with direct experience of wheelchair use, this project is leading to more choice, control and equality of opportunity for people using wheelchair services across the area.

We anticipate that a new commitment to joined-up working, especially around assessing need, funding and supply of equipment, will have a significant longer term impact on the health, wellbeing and wider life-opportunity of people engaging with services in the future.

Personal Health Budgets and wheelchairs:

Co-production and Integration Project

Image by Pen Mendonca