Why work with Snagge Moore & Associates? 


A recent survey of business leaders and commissioning managers found that most organisations experience a higher quality of work from independent consultants like Snagge Moore & Associates.  

We know we are only as good as our last project and we always go the extra mile to ensure we deliver strongly.

Having cut our teeth in a number of senior management roles, across the Third and broader commercial sector, we can offer clients both access to considerable skills and experience and the freedom and flexibility to focus in areas that need attention quickly. 

Ease and Speed 



We move quickly to understand and respond to client need.  We are able to provide freedom and flexibility, without the delays that can often be experienced in work with larger firms.  

As a smaller, bespoke and independent consultancy, we can easily and quickly take on your project.

Our independence also means we understand the need to work efficiently and deliver projects to the very highest standard within agreed cost and time parameters. 

We are competitive.  In an environment where many organisations are trying to scale back on costs, Snagge Moore & Associates offer clients the opportunity to deliver new programmes and projects efficiently, and through a cost-controlled approach.